Maria Frullani

Responsible for secretariat, overall organization, administration

After a degree in communication and international relations at the Catholic University of Milan, she has been studying and working in Brussels and Zurich, back in Italy she decided to follow her passion
for wine attending the Master course “Italian wine and international markets” at S.Anna University, in Pisa. Born and raised in a family of biodynamic winegrowers, she truly believes in this kind of agriculture, therefore she decided to work and get involved in the world of sustainable farming.

Francesca Ballarini

Freelance illustrator and visual designer

‘Nina’ holds a degree in visual communication at Isia in Urbino, she works for wineries, farms, theaters, musical festivals and publishing companies in her beloved Marche region. She also illustrated this website with different dynamization vortexes in multiple beautiful colors. 

Enrico Casarotti

Technical collaborator for Northern Italy

Degree in viticultural and oenological techniques and Science, for years he has been working in oenological research and latter on in the consultancy field. He is also involved in his family biodynamic farm.

Barbara Santilli

Responsible for marketing, sales and export

Born in Rome, she has lived in Canada, Scotland, United States and Mexico until she was 14 years old.
After a degree in International Relations at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, spending inbetween one year as a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, she has worked in Rome in the field of communication. She decided to dedicate herself to the world of wine working in marketing and communication for famous wineries. Today she is working as export manager for natural and artisanal wineries.


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Adriano Zago

Agronomo ed enologo, fondatore e direttore di Mastrilli Consulting

Questa la meravigliosa squadra di lavoro della quale mi sono circondato, un team di capaci, empatici e sensibili professionisti con il quale lavorare assieme per me è un autentico piacere e privilegio.

Paolo Ravano

Technical collaborator for Central Italy

Born in Genova he has been working ten years in the UK. At the end of the 90s he moved back to Italy to work in agriculture. He now lives in Siena but has developed a good ability to adapt to different soils in Piedmont, Liguria and especially Abruzzo. 

He prefers to spend time with plants more than people and during his spare time he loves cooking.

Amelia De Francesco

Responsible for communication and press relations

Born in 1979 in Naples, she moved with her family to Tuscany and decided to study literary critic getting close to the world of communication. Her love for web and wine developed thanks to the
Executive course in Wine Business at Mib School of Management in Trieste. She is an expert in Wine & Food communication, working as communication, marketing and PR expert for many restaurants and wineries, she also collaborates with some food and wine trade magazines. She lives in Lucca often travelling because of her work.

Studio G+

Architecture and interior/exterior design studio

They have many things in common like their first names: Giuseppe (Aresu) & Giuseppe (Argiolas); that’s why in 2005 they decided to create Studio G+ Architetti, working together in Architecture as well as Design, they have projects in Italy, Austria, France and are currently based in Florence.

Matilde D'Oriano

Collaborator for garden design and landscape conservation

Degree in agricultural science, she attended the course for qualified gardeners at the Agrarian School of Monza and afterwards earned a degree in Landscape Architecture. She has been working many years as a garden designer wishing to learn how to ‘read’ plants, in order to create environments where they can peacefully live, this is why she decided to open a plant nursery in Florence.

Jacopo Bellomo

Freelance Video Photographer

Born and raised in Tuscany, in 2016 Jacopo got a degree at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence. In 2017 he took part in a video contest on Zooppa, the most influent creative platform for video and graphic advertising publications, winning with its project named “Liguria, a land to explore”, thus becoming official sponsor of Sanremo Festival. In 2018 he took part in the contest “Milan – art and culture” winning a special mention about editing.
Today Jacopo lives in Montecatini Terme where he is working as a freelance and in partnership with a communication agency. He is accurate and sociable always willing to show what he observes with a genuine and authentic approach.