I am an agronomist and oenologist working in education and consultancy for viticulture, winemaking and agriculture.

I have studied and worked in Italy, France, India and New Zealand. 

For the past 15 years I have been promoting biodynamic agricultural principles, tools and techniques on an international level, working with very small wineries and farms, as well as bigger ones in very diverse geographical, economical, social and human contexts.

Being an agronomist and oenologist I am able to follow different approaches and views, always focusing on my expertise and experiences.

Short and long term effective results make a huge difference and that is why I chose to work with biodynamic agriculture from the beginning: being this the only agricultural method that allows me to rely on a sound and shared experience of self-evident changes in soil structure, plant’s health, wine and food quality, as well as business social and economic welfare and market value.

In the last years I’ve had the chance to work with famous winegrowers and farmers in different countries all over the world, allowing my team and I to develop high-quality expertise on a human and technical level. 

My staff and I offer multiple services to farm and wineries: